Release of 2103 ATV – Updated version of the popular combi winch

Combi Winch 2103 ATV is now released. It’s an update of of our popular combi winch, which is a flexible and mobile tool for cable installation. 2103 is a combined capstan and drum winch, which means that it can be used for both underground cable laying and overhead line construction and demolition. With the ATV design, the passability also becomes unbeatable.

2103 ATV

The ATV design differs from the 2103 STD with extended wheel axles, ATV wheels with adapted screens and a longer towing device. Just as in the standard model, it is the same simple operation with the help of a manometer, forward / reverse with two speeds that are about 20- and 40 m / min. With the higher speed, the traction force is halved while the traction speed is doubled. It is also possible to set the maximum permissible traction through an adjustable overflow valve.

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