About us

Sahlins Sweden AB develops, manufactures and sells products and methods for cable network construction.

Our customers value operational reliability, ergonomics and security and are situated worldwide.

Sahlin’s history begins in 1969 when founder Gunnar Sahlin starts Sahlins Maskin AB, which begins to manufacture machines and equipment for installation of overhead lines and cable. The product range grew rapidly as product development took place in close cooperation with customers like Vattenfall and Televerket, which resulted in the manufacture of machines, tools, line equipment and all kinds of accessories for cable network construction.

Sahlins quickly became the market leader in Sweden in machines and equipment for cable network construction. Our customers consist of energy companies, telecom companies, construction companies, construction companies and electrical installers. Our products are also exported to a large number of countries all over the world.

Sahlins today offers its customers a wide range of products and services.