• Hydraulic Powerpack 1019

    NEW PRODUCT! Patented, battery-powered and emission-free hydraulic powerpack.

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  • Cable winch 2104 - Electric

    NEW PRODUCT! Electric and emission-free cable winch for both overhead and underground cable.

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Sahlins Sweden AB develops, manufactures and sells products and methods for cable network construction. With over 50 years of experience, we produce some of the industry’s most popular and used products. Our customers prioritize sustainability, reliability and user-friendliness and are represented all over the world.

Sahlins News

  • Product of the week – The tireless and rotating drum roller

    First out as the product of the week is the Rotating cable drum roller that has for a long time facilitated handling for smaller drums for many installers. It's because of its stable construction, moderate rotation speed as well as it being easy to store and operate.

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  • Product of the week – Electric cable winch 3021

    Electric cable winch 3021 is one of our capstan winches that is intended for mounting on cable ladders. The winch consists of a motor with gear, cam roller, and bracket with a total weight of 21 kg which makes it fast and easy to install on the cable ladder trays.

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  • Product of the week – Fibreglass rod

    Our classic fibreglass rod has for decades helped installers with pulling, cleaning and localization in ducts. It can easily find its way through narrow passages thanks to its elasticity and smooth surface.

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The story of Sahlins

Sahlins Sweden – Our history begins in 1969 when founder Gunnar Sahlin starts Sahlins Maskin AB and begins to develop machines and equipment for cable network construction. Luckily, the workers loved his products which made the business grow.

The Park

We have Sweden’s latest training park in an authentic environment for underground cable laying, overhead line construction and fiber blowing. A place for users, product developers and resellers.