Celebrating our new ‘logger’ with a summer campaign

Our new logging unit with power and length measurement is now available for sale. To celebrate, we are running a summer campaign where the ‘logger’ (valued at €4 045 EUR) is included with the purchase of a 2104 before July 31, 2023.

Cable winch 2104

Made in Holsljunga, SWE, the Cable Winch 2104 is the latest model of our popular combination winch. A notable feature of the 2104 is its battery operation, making it emission-free, quiet, and a great friend to both nature and users. The wide range of winch functions provides a very broad field of application. With the electric battery operation, it also enables installations in areas such as tunnels, mines, densely populated areas, and industrial properties. The winch is controlled from the control panel with switches for functions such as in/out, desired pulling force, speed, and more.

Superior work environment and user-friendliness.

The silence and absence of exhaust emissions provide you with increased presence and better control while working with the 2104. You can easily communicate with your colleagues during ongoing work, and your hearing remains unaffected.

High utilization rate

The winch is welcome everywhere. Indoors, urban environments, near playgrounds and schools, tunnels, mines, etc. It handles the most common types of pulls that occur in the ground and pipelines, and thanks to its dual winch functions, it can also be used for pulling overhead lines.

Operating time that exceeds all expectations.

The encapsulated battery has exceeded everyone’s expectations in terms of operating time. Regardless of the pulls being performed, we guarantee that you can use the machine for a full workday (most likely multiple days) without charging. One of several examples is shown in this video (link: here), where Rentman Workpower pulled 500m in a pipeline and consumed only 8% of the battery capacity.

Double winch functions – drum winch & capstan winch.

The Cable Winch 2104 is a combination winch that features both a drum winch and a capstan winch. This combination allows the machine to be used for both underground cable pulling and overhead line pulling. Depending on the specific needs and work area, the winch can be equipped with a with poly rope or wire for drum winch operation and/or for capstan winch operation. If you have any uncertainties, we are here to assist you in setting it up according to your requirements.

More about 2104

Product page | Product sheet | Video

The ‘logger’

Take control of your work and document it with our new ‘logger’, which provides comprehensive data on consumed pulling force and pulling speed throughout the entire operation. Simply enter a reference/ID before starting, and after completing the work, the data is exported as image and CSV files. The log can be sent to the client and/or stored on any preferred storage device for your own documentation. The device can store at least 50 separate logs, allowing for multiple operations before exporting the data.


The ‘logger’ can be applied to and works in conjunction with our winches 3200, 3300, and 3400, as well as the combination winches 2103 and 2104 (electric). The logger can also be installed on existing machines of these models.

Advantages for you as a user

Send the report to the client and demonstrate that the work has been carried out in accordance with the applicable regulations from the cable manufacturer. Even if not all projects require it, this ensures that any future complications cannot be attributed to the actual cable installation.

Advantages for you as the client

Avoid unnecessary follow-up work and minimize the risk of future disruptions due to a cable installation that exceeds the maximum pulling force allowed for the cable. By adhering to the recommended guidelines and ensuring that the cable pulling is within the specified limits, you can mitigate the risk of damage to the cable and potential downtime in the future. This proactive approach helps in maintaining a reliable and uninterrupted electrical infrastructure.

The Campaign – 2104 winch + Logger


The battery driven Cable winch 2104 + free logging unit (valued at 4500 EUR)

Validity period

The campaign is valid for orders placed before July 31, 2023.


Guaranteed delivery from Holsljunga during the months of August – September.

Order and quotation

Regular price: 39 160 EUR (Ex works Holsljunga, SWE)
Campaign price: 35 115 EUR (Ex works Holsljunga, SWE)

Please contact us for a free quotation, discussion, or consultation. You can reach us easily at sales@sahlins.com or +46320 209 330. Alternatively, you can get in touch with any of our contact persons whose details can be found can be found here.