Stefan Svensson returns as CEO

The time to get in to the business will be very short and the handover completely undramatic, which means that we will not lose any momentum, says Stefan Svensson.

Now stronger than ever

A partnership with world-leading Bagela Baumaschinen GmbH & Co. makes us a reseller and service hub for the Scandinavian market.

Autumn offer on Cable Winch 2104 Electric

A battery driven combi winch that is praised by users for its performance, battery capacity and ease of use. Promotional price until 15th December.

Sunny days in Poland with Progres Narzędzia

Sunny days in Poland when our reseller Progres Narzędzia Profansiealne arranged a nationwide trade fair for 90 potential customers.

How – and why i choose – to work with Sahlins line rollers

On a sunny day during the EBR days (exhibition in Sweden), Joakim Lindqvist showed us how and why he uses our cable- and line rollers.

Product of the week – The tireless and rotating drum roller

First out as the product of the week is the Rotating cable drum roller that has for a long time facilitated handling for smaller drums for many installers. It’s because of its stable construction, moderate rotation speed as well as it being easy to store and operate.

Product of the week – Electric cable winch 3021

Electric cable winch 3021 is one of our capstan winches that is intended for mounting on cable ladders. The winch consists of a motor with gear, cam roller, and bracket with a total weight of 21 kg which makes it fast and easy to install on the cable ladder trays.

Product of the week – Fibreglass rod

Our classic fibreglass rod has for decades helped installers with pulling, cleaning and localization in ducts. It can easily find its way through narrow passages thanks to its elasticity and smooth surface.

Overhead line work during arctic winter

How to get the job done during arctic winter starring Vattenfall Services Nordic ❄️  And a journey home from work reminding of the end scene of Lucky Luke.  

Develops our production and maximizes customer value

We reach new heights with help of “Produktionslyftet”. A program where the content is based on principles in LEAN, which overall means that you maximize customer value and at the same time minimize waste of resources through various types of efficiencies and rationalizations. We believe in constantly challenging ourselves to achieve development. With focus on […]