How – and why i choose – to work with Sahlins line rollers

On a sunny day during the EBR days (exhibition in Sweden), Joakim Lindqvist showed us how and why he uses our cable- and line rollers.

Overhead line work during arctic winter

How to get the job done during arctic winter starring Vattenfall Services Nordic ❄️  And a journey home from work reminding of the end scene of Lucky Luke.  

Sharp test of Sahlins new emission-free Cable winch 2104

Anders Lyckdal, one of Sweden’s most experienced “cable pullers”, tested Sahlins new emission-free Cable winch 2104 during a 500-meter run in Gothenburg, Sweden. “During pulling, you can now talk with the people next to you and that’s huge.” Test pilot: Anders Lyckdal, Rentman Work Power i Varberg AB Winch: Cable Winch 2104 – Electric